Deep Cuts

When soul wants to fly; cry!
When emotions sleep; weep
For the last time paiñ kisses; misses
Some echos so deep; reap
Some words you feel; heal
Violent, vigorous and cool; a fool
A soul In the wild; child

Will you have a look at; ayhh
My impermanent heart; scars
Close enough on you fingers; tingles
Every wound you touch; clutch
A flower blooms and behind it a shadow; looms
A shattered soul wants you stay; away

When I leave .2

° When I finally leave
And write for the last time
Don’t read my words for I want to you feel them for the last time
I’ll burn myself beyond boundaries
I’ll undress my scars
Open up my wounds and bleed for the last time

° When I finally leave
Look into my eyes beyond that smile
When you finally find that kid in the corner, hug it so tight
…… For the last time….
Whisper in my ears

• Everything
alright •

When I leave (1)

When I finally leave
Happiness might live longer than before
Love would prevail and I won’t be anymore
…For I always dreamt of It and It was nice until I would wake up to nightmarish reality

When I finally leave
Let It be known as
I was never a morning star but a night sky
I created peace in my words and laid on majestic sheets of night
I painted it on dew drop at morning just for a while for I knew It has a short life


People have goals

People have aims to make their dreams come true

Everyone has someone special they wanna be with for the rest of their lives

Something awesome to look forward too

Waiting for surprises….

I’m void of all of these

Nobody loves Scars

Someone said that hand look so delicate and eye-catching……but for how long when it gets burnt turning skin to bluish black around and left with ugly scars. Neither an ugly look is loved not an ugly heart ….

When you get burns and infection is severe, blisters start forming on your skin. And when blisters pop out, the fragile dead layer start moving red flesh is visible then you are strictly prohibited to never touch the wound. Even a gentle breeze would make it painful.

Words are Just like burns….. leaving burn marks on your heart and soul.. the more intensifying and torturous, the more it is infectious and burns that part of you… Some people help you keep them fresh and when you try your best to heal them, scars take over the place…..





You are Mine

As you caressed my head moving your  fingers through my hair
Grabbing me close to your chest
I could feel the shivers in my spine
Yet it was the happiest feeling

” You are mine “

Your lips
Your smell
The look in your eyes
Intoxicates my senses
As I crave for the need of you
Slowly…..gradually discovering so many sides of you.
Suddenly you push me away, holding my hand
You spin me back into your arms
A kiss placed on me
Is it the beginning
A soft touch….. setting my soul on fire
Once again I’m falling for you
A laughter resonating in this silence
As I dance on your feet
You hold me against the walls
A polite grip on my back
I move a little more close to you and kiss you back
So damn crazy I’ve gone

So madly deeply in love with you
I don’t want to escape
May these moments fail to vanish