Let me Stay this Happy…..

Just don’t do It, don’t take away my trust, my dreams, a castle of forever I built with you.
Don’t snatch away, my sensitivity, my sense to feel, just don’t take away my tears…
Stay here, stay close, stay strong, stay loyal
Just don’t turn my heart stone.
I wanna keep feeling this feeling of happiness, togetherness, closeness
Don’t wake me up even if it’s just a dream.
I love you, I loved you….don’t turn these things strangers to me.
I don’t have any energy left to hate It again.
If you do it, firstly take my breath away.


Now what should I do with this heart that loved you…….

Hold your grounds as I bounce back the feelings I caught from you
the pain and agony and a lot of torture left by you
i feel myself resting In your claws, the smoothest touch I ever felt from you
the gust of emotions, the cravings I’ve for you
I’m left and left alone with this heart dying for you.
come closer, a little closer, more close as I wanna have a close glimpse of you….