I’m giving It a shot



What I’m suppose to write, I dunno

Some magical words that capture the readers hearts? I’m not sure

All I remember are deathly beautiful blue eyes shining in the Moonlight

Tears rolling down while kissing the lips, they leave their warmth slipping through face

A voice so captivating like a spring in the darkness of night

Some words stripping the old memories covered in venomous smiles

A heartache smouldering a bruised soul for eternity

I remember the Crimson autumn leaves burning the pathways

What is love?
It’s forbidden, deception or a child’s play…

Lies making a thread to woven betrayal

There were so many complains like a stream

A lot of messages filled with screams 

You grabbed my heart 

Touched my soul 

Snatched my dreams_

Be Humane

My Post (3) - Copy

We are living in a world where we are so up to talk about rights and helping others but too lazy when it comes to act upon our words.

 Our hearts are frozen that all that matters to us is our own personal comfort and we no longer care about if someone is starving to death.

🌸 Our consciences are slowly sleeping and we are indulging ourselves in materialistic things.

🌸🌸 Think a little about those deprived of their shelters when you lay on your comfortable bed….

🌸 Give a little thought to those who have lost their parents and starving to death when no one is there to take care of them..

🌸🌸 Be a little considerate while throwing away food, someone is praying somewhere that he get to eat even a little piece of bread.

🌸 Be thankful when you wear a new dress, someone somewhere is living in rags.
🌸🌸 Don’t be a miser, spend money on poor.

🌸 Help the orphan, they have no one anymore but only Lord and He is the most great so don’t treat them lowly and never be harsh to