Nobody loves Scars

Someone said that hand look so delicate and eye-catching……but for how long when it gets burnt turning skin to bluish black around and left with ugly scars. Neither an ugly look is loved not an ugly heart ….

When you get burns and infection is severe, blisters start forming on your skin. And when blisters pop out, the fragile dead layer start moving red flesh is visible then you are strictly prohibited to never touch the wound. Even a gentle breeze would make it painful.

Words are Just like burns….. leaving burn marks on your heart and soul.. the more intensifying and torturous, the more it is infectious and burns that part of you… Some people help you keep them fresh and when you try your best to heal them, scars take over the place…..





Sayonara (R.I.P)

You said you will have 4 kids __ two daughters and two sons.

You wanted me to stay single and teach your children but laughing while saying ” no I don’t want a perverty tutor for my kids, you will spoil them”.

You shared your dreams with me.

You had tell everyone ” Hey Listen ! I changed this grumpy rascal into a chatterbox , It was me who took away her frown but she can kick your ass If you hurt me”.

You were a plethora of laughter who had argue with me every time I said ” What If I die before you ” ____ and you would say ” What If I do “……

And You Won……

I pray ___ May your soul be at peace

May your grave be filled with warm and peaceful light

____ It is …. unbelievable like someone told me a joke… Feels like you are still there asking me to pick the white rose stealthily from the garden in front of principal office

Still feels like you waving your hand and yelling ” Moon you idiot, you are late , we were waiting for you “….

I still see those times ___ how you used to put your shoe on a chair to save my seat and complain cz I was always late than the rest…

How can I forget those times , we had sneak into last seat on last period just to have fun while eating mandarins and throwing messages written on papers and pass till professor would say ” I can see you well from this spot “……

Times you fought and argue with seniors for me saying ” She got a bad temper but she has a nice heart ”

You will stay in my memories forever ….. 25April2020


A place where I don’t get to hear the world society

I wanna escape from everything for a while and take refuge in thought of being happy

Somewhere far away

Surrounded by mountains and sea
Where there are meadows and tall trees

Wanna shut myself In and Undress my heart

Gather a lot of courage and have a look at the scars covering my heart
While removing every layer I let my wounds bleed and let myself fall apart
With my feelings shattering letting my soul cry hard

Wanna be alone with thoughts of none
Somewhere far away

A little Catharsis as my aesthetic sense fills the gaps slowly while the wind rises and soothes me to get better
I heal myself to take my last breaths there or come back to fight another battle


Can I call you my home when I come back from my fight ?

Can you be the ointment on my wounds ?

I’m hard to love but once you fall for me you won’t want lose me

I’ve never trusted anyone before but I chose to trust you

I’ve never loved anyone before but I let my heart beat for you

You are Mine

As you caressed my head moving yourĀ  fingers through my hair
Grabbing me close to your chest
I could feel the shivers in my spine
Yet it was the happiest feeling

” You are mine “

Your lips
Your smell
The look in your eyes
Intoxicates my senses
As I crave for the need of you
Slowly…..gradually discovering so many sides of you.
Suddenly you push me away, holding my hand
You spin me back into your arms
A kiss placed on me
Is it the beginning
A soft touch….. setting my soul on fire
Once again I’m falling for you
A laughter resonating in this silence
As I dance on your feet
You hold me against the walls
A polite grip on my back
I move a little more close to you and kiss you back
So damn crazy I’ve gone

So madly deeply in love with you
I don’t want to escape
May these moments fail to vanish

Can I stop being so strong before you…..

Can I tell you I’m badly hurt
Heart aches so much that
It might explode
Can I tell you I have had it enough
Now I just want to give it a rest
But I keep on being like this more and more

After facing the world can I stop being so strong before you and cry my heart out…

I Just want to sleep for a while

I dunno when I slept last time with my heart at peace