Nameless Feelings.6

As I
See you
Meet you
Feel you
I feel like
You are the one
And I…..
Need you
I want to
Steal you
From you yourself
From rest of the world
I want you
Moon lives for the night
And sun craves for the day
Before the departure
Behind the clouds
I want to kiss you
For my heart’s already missing you


A little beyond the boundaries

Pious, pure and angelic titles
Behind them hides a sinful damsel
Holding back words that make you sin
On your feet I would like to spin

Hopelessly romantic wild
Behind that mask a devil hides
Your touch sculpting me into a sensual muse
Verses played by you giving me cues

Fragmented seducing kisses as they seam
I let my feelings slip through my sleeves
I hid for long and they were ceased
A gentle stroke inviting lust and love
Complaints, wishes, dreams and a little sigh
A tainted smile on lips and shine in eyes
A sudden hug and I fell from skies
My pieces thrive
Stripped my Soul
Those ugly scars; yikes
Stitches on heart
Tears in my eyes
The grievous dance in your arms
With painful laughters, echoes and cries
So many screams, an existence full of ache
Soulfully soulless
Hopefully hopeless
reasonably unreasonable

And ……..

Beyond the boundaries
My words start losing purity_

Nameless Feelings. 5

I’m not good at choosing words
Some are like bombs throwing at people
Some are so self destructive and I dunno how to protect myself from myself until it destroys a great part of me

You have at least someone to hold your hand when you fall __ I don’t..

I just have criticism waiting for me…

Lucky are those who get appreciated. I don’t even know how does it feels.

For the last time….

What If I Just stay quiet; I lose my voice

For my words no longer make any sense as I easily lose my mind

So I tried It….. I chose silent when everyone thought I would bring a disaster. Though It was hard but somehow It was peaceful…

Finally I’ve chosen to stay silent instead of wasting my words and earsoring voice to disturb others peace; I’ll be quiet.

It’s gonna be hard but I’ll try my best, will go back into my nest

Away from everyone, I was always better being in my shell

Cz when you try to come out of it, world can only throw stones at you

When I leave .2

° When I finally leave
And write for the last time
Don’t read my words for I want to you feel them for the last time
I’ll burn myself beyond boundaries
I’ll undress my scars
Open up my wounds and bleed for the last time

° When I finally leave
Look into my eyes beyond that smile
When you finally find that kid in the corner, hug it so tight
…… For the last time….
Whisper in my ears

• Everything
alright •

When I leave (1)

When I finally leave
Happiness might live longer than before
Love would prevail and I won’t be anymore
…For I always dreamt of It and It was nice until I would wake up to nightmarish reality

When I finally leave
Let It be known as
I was never a morning star but a night sky
I created peace in my words and laid on majestic sheets of night
I painted it on dew drop at morning just for a while for I knew It has a short life

Fruitless Efforts

Do you think I won’t pay for whatever damage I caused to people’s hearts. How great of a disappointment I have been. That I won’t pay for rejecting love that was offered to me just because nothing comforts me anymore. People’s materialistic preferences make me sick and all I can do is despise them

Every time I made decisions without confronting myself thinking there might be the reason someone who knows me better than me. Someone who’s worth it all. Maybe I dunno but someone can change me. For whom I can put my ego aside but I couldn’t open up my heart. Maybe I’m just destined to stay lost …

I just misunderstood myself… I thought I was too easy…

_____ L o v e _____



          ____ P r e t e n d _____


People have goals

People have aims to make their dreams come true

Everyone has someone special they wanna be with for the rest of their lives

Something awesome to look forward too

Waiting for surprises….

I’m void of all of these