She wasn’t Ok



I’m giving it a try
I’m going all out
Again I’m taking in all the screams
I’m gonna house all the pain
What about all the tears left without any box to hide
I’m taking all the burden
Again I’m dying and I see no grave where i can bury all the grieves
If I rest there someone stand up and say
She was saying she’s not ok but nobody heard her _
Someone collect my all pieces and send back to me
I’m bleeding but it’s gonna take a lot to pass out
Someone stand close to me then and say
I’ve been waiting for you for so long


Nothing works anymore

Taking a deep breath

Calming myself

But what about this storm

Right at the door

Nothing works anymore

I did wrong but why it has to be this way

It’s getting harder _

Either this heart will burst or it will be stoned

It makes me wish for the bad

I just wanna give it a break

I can’t help it anymore




I woken up my scars to paint on them
It was all to end this boredom
Some words started falling on my inked soul
I was trying my efforts to rainbow them
Giving sheltered to some bruised hearts
To make so much space it was plenty hard
Some voices screeched the walls of my mind
I kept saying to myself, It’ll be alright
My breaths were snatched, some frightening lies
Beats were so loud, scaring me out
Suffering playing violin on a deathly night
There was screaming and only fright
Reasoning reasoning where my intuition died
A grave trigger I pulled on that deadly night
Of grief and pain filled with suffering and lies
Some unending screams that won’t one sleep

Within ……

there was so much darkness but there was light.

I’m giving It a shot



What I’m suppose to write, I dunno

Some magical words that capture the readers hearts? I’m not sure

All I remember are deathly beautiful blue eyes shining in the Moonlight

Tears rolling down while kissing the lips, they leave their warmth slipping through face

A voice so captivating like a spring in the darkness of night

Some words stripping the old memories covered in venomous smiles

A heartache smouldering a bruised soul for eternity

I remember the Crimson autumn leaves burning the pathways

What is love?
It’s forbidden, deception or a child’s play…

Lies making a thread to woven betrayal

There were so many complains like a stream

A lot of messages filled with screams 

You grabbed my heart 

Touched my soul 

Snatched my dreams_

Be Humane

My Post (3) - Copy

We are living in a world where we are so up to talk about rights and helping others but too lazy when it comes to act upon our words.

 Our hearts are frozen that all that matters to us is our own personal comfort and we no longer care about if someone is starving to death.

🌸 Our consciences are slowly sleeping and we are indulging ourselves in materialistic things.

🌸🌸 Think a little about those deprived of their shelters when you lay on your comfortable bed….

🌸 Give a little thought to those who have lost their parents and starving to death when no one is there to take care of them..

🌸🌸 Be a little considerate while throwing away food, someone is praying somewhere that he get to eat even a little piece of bread.

🌸 Be thankful when you wear a new dress, someone somewhere is living in rags.
🌸🌸 Don’t be a miser, spend money on poor.

🌸 Help the orphan, they have no one anymore but only Lord and He is the most great so don’t treat them lowly and never be harsh to 

Fake and Real

I have been hiding
Always hiding from myself
I have been scared
Always scared to face my true nature
I have been Ignoring 
Always Ignoring what was meant for me
I have been hurting
Always hurting myself for others
I have been screaming
Always screaming deep inside
I have been waiting
Always waiting for a little peace
I have been breaking
Always breaking Inside
I have been laughing
Always laughing like an idiot