Withering away

I miss you and I miss you so badly
I want to hug you…
Hug you so tight that It suffocates you
Takes away your breath so you know how hard It Is….
To keep the distance, to be away as If the life is taken away

To heart & understand the mind……

you can’t be a psychologist in true means until you kill yourself from inside once, until you set your soul on fire and let it burn completely, until you learn to survive all emotional catastrophes.

There’re things hard to believe…..

I could hold you In my arms
Give you a peck or kiss your forehead
Holding your hands and feel your warmth
Sitting under the moonlight and gazing at the stars
Hide myself between the lines then read It to you
I thought It was all a dream until you turned it into a real charm
Now that you are here, I won’t mind falling in love rather than feeling the love but I’m fixated on a phase
All I can offer Is care and respect
There are things hard to believe

As If It’s Just a Dream _

I Just…..

And I……

What If It rains as the night drops the curtains
Instead of walking you to the door of sleep
You read my eyes telling you to stay
Hiding behind the voice of my heart
What If we sit together On our favorite spot
While you look at the sky
I contemplate your details……
Your eyes, your voice,
the beard on your face
Your smile, your laughter
Your lips murmuring my name

On a dark night
sitting under the moonlight
whispering through silence and smiles
leaving our lips hopeless……away
catching a moment to meet
as the thunder breaks
I feel your strong arms around my waist
your heartbeats, I count your eye lashes
and memorize all of your details

And I won’t keep It a secret…..

And I won’t keep It a secret…..when I was learning a lot of things, love was removed from the list.
when I was experiencing different feelings, I skipped this feeling.
There was a things called need and all those were fulfilled yet love was never on the list.
I considered hugs fictitious and even had my closest ones deprived of It.
My base was enriched with devotion and how much I owe for one’s goodness….but I wasn’t told adoration.
Now after years I see a complain on the door_ “you don’t love us”…..you dun even care anymore….

“you gave me everything but not what I needed the most, it’s sad, it hurts, it burns but i can’t name it…………. You didn’t taught me how to love…… What is this feeling……… I never know how to love, how tender it is……. I have always been leaving, it has always been easy and I dunno If I really belong to this realm anymore”……

Don’t be mad at me.. I know that sometimes I may look closer to you than your soul, and the next night I’m tough as a rock, cold and far as a star, and I’m fully aware of any harm that a contradiction like this may cause..But I don’t intentionally be confident of this harm, it’s just that my soul is in a permanent tide…..I dun have a shore nor a beach that contains me . I’m owner of a heart that is full of so much yet the core is empty.