Everything’s temporary…..interest, so called love and attraction and I’m a wrong person for It.
-shhhhh!!! He put his finger on her lips and replied :
“Why do you always say this….
I tried not to love you, just like you said
But the way you are leaves me no choice but to keep looking at you and end up falling in curiosity of – Just how you pull strings of my heart.
The way you treat my people and I see them waiting for you and the way you are gone for a while and the whole place feels empty and it saddens to think If I enter the room but I won’t see you there and how desperately I await your return but when you’re back I know you won’t hug me despite how much I crave it yet that unexpected touch of your lips in moments I completely lose hope lit up the fire all over again…….
Why do you keep doing this to me…..”.

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