Nobody Suffers Because they want to

 Nobody suffer because they want to
Sometimes a person is able to pen his wandering thoughts
You know what sometimes you are just so helpless, so miserable,so hurt and you have nobody to talk to….and you dun even know the reason behind _
Feeling sad and pained all of a sudden with no proper reason sounds stupid but we have a whole subconscious supporting it
You just have a world of words and emotions scratching on the walls of mind and heart as If ……. If you keep quiet you will become numb with the passage of time
And some just write them down to feel a little free of them
You don’t need to really understand that person
That time one might be looking so pathetic, miserable and stupid

No matter how much optimistic, happy, and Normal we act
We all have limits and sometimes we surpass them
We are all fighters _


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