I never knew I was losing

It’s another stormy night

I didn’t know how long it has been and I was staring at the ceiling continuously ….

I was trying to think of something,  to put together all my thoughts…

Once again I was trying a useless effort to collect all the chunks of my words that were scattered like usual …

It felt like even bed was tired of me lying for so long,  I wanted to move the curtains aside but felt my body numb

I wanted to turn on the lights but all i could do was reach my hand out and then felt like falling asleep..

Yeah and it was peaceful and relaxing. I could hear the noise of kids playing outside.

My feet were cold and could feel my ears burning. Eyes were slowly closing and again I prayed to have a Dream. Of wild of a Lonely land with full moon and chamomiles.

I never knew I was Losing.


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