Nameless Feelings. 5

I’m not good at choosing words
Some are like bombs throwing at people
Some are so self destructive and I dunno how to protect myself from myself until it destroys a great part of me

You have at least someone to hold your hand when you fall __ I don’t..

I just have criticism waiting for me…

Lucky are those who get appreciated. I don’t even know how does it feels.

63 thoughts on “Nameless Feelings. 5

  1. Blaming yourself for the things that you aren’t even responsible of. We people need to be bombed for we forget our place mostly and speak bigger than our tongues. You haven’t done anything wrong at all.


    1. میں میسنجر نہی استعمال کرتی ۔۔۔بس ابھی دیکھا ۔۔مجھے پیج کے انباکس میں سینڈ کر دیں
      ٹام کروز بند ؟ میرے ڈیس ایبل اکاؤنٹس بہت کم واپس ملے لیکن وہ اڑ جاتے تھے جلدی


      1. Kher koi baat bai. Me apke page ko sirf seen kr sakta hun iske elawa koi option ni anyways. Apne dekh leya boht hy. Mjy pata hy ap messeneger use ni kerti apne btaya hua hy


    1. Hahaha sahi sahi
      Page k bs seen kiun horhy
      Mei page se jb login Hoti hun group mei tou apky Bin Eleyas wali ID k cmnts disappear hojaaty hen
      Tom waly k show hoty thy or reply b hojata tha


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