For the last time….

What If I Just stay quiet; I lose my voice

For my words no longer make any sense as I easily lose my mind

So I tried It….. I chose silent when everyone thought I would bring a disaster. Though It was hard but somehow It was peaceful…

Finally I’ve chosen to stay silent instead of wasting my words and earsoring voice to disturb others peace; I’ll be quiet.

It’s gonna be hard but I’ll try my best, will go back into my nest

Away from everyone, I was always better being in my shell

Cz when you try to come out of it, world can only throw stones at you

35 thoughts on “For the last time….

    1. Staying silent.


      I am telling you for the third time. Don’t know if it matters or not when I tell you not to stay silent anymore. But still I’d say; speak up for yourself.
      Don’t let the world throw stones at you because when you are silent world throws bricks then. There is a difference a lot. You have suffered and you know a lot better than me that what is the price to be paid for silence.


      1. Don’t be so hasty. Ok. Talk. Don’t suffocate yourself like this. I dunno what’s going on inside this innocent self of yours. But it never seem that it is tolerable


      2. Memona you are. It is ok if you do not want to hear it. But you haven’t done wrong to anyone. Blood tastes like blood. A red curse.


      3. I’m a human being and I’ve done wrong to many

        It’s salty πŸ˜‘ i tasted my thumbs one and even pricked lips taste same πŸ€”


      4. I have performed that vampire stuff too. We all do wrongs. And we seek forgiveness if we are ashamed. We don’t have to be silent. (kash k me larki huta phr ziada achay sy kan khench k samjhata apko)


      5. Yae ke ab apne read kerne ko kaha hy so reading you jb tk.hun. ab apke hahahahaha Kuch nahi its common k peche k dabay lafz thory bht bhanpne ki try kr leta hun


      6. Bdlay Badlay πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ acha sae sae dekha jab apko mere.munh sy ese batain achi ni lagto to khud ese batain ku sochti rhete hen


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