Fruitless Efforts

Do you think I won’t pay for whatever damage I caused to people’s hearts. How great of a disappointment I have been. That I won’t pay for rejecting love that was offered to me just because nothing comforts me anymore. People’s materialistic preferences make me sick and all I can do is despise them

Every time I made decisions without confronting myself thinking there might be the reason someone who knows me better than me. Someone who’s worth it all. Maybe I dunno but someone can change me. For whom I can put my ego aside but I couldn’t open up my heart. Maybe I’m just destined to stay lost …

I just misunderstood myself… I thought I was too easy…

_____ L o v e _____



          ____ P r e t e n d _____

One thought on “Fruitless Efforts

  1. Quite a strong sentence but, in the end, I think that’s what everybody actually do and don’t admit. Pretend and expect something from others.

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