Risking my heart

I locked away my emotions
I was suffering
Keep everything to myself
I was afraid to lose you
I was patient
I waited
But I was restless all this time
I gave it a shot
Here I’m ___ close to you
Risking my heart
Hey !!!!

Don’t break it_



I crave for the need to hold you
Till the day __ say my heart
Shut you there till you burn my soul
And make me wish for you more day by day_


1 (24)

Look what have you done

You said _ i’ll be there when you are about to lose
I’m falling apart _ where are you now
I lost everything _ look what have you done
My heart is a circus and beats are the dolls_





She wasn’t Ok



I’m giving it a try
I’m going all out
Again I’m taking in all the screams
I’m gonna house all the pain
What about all the tears left without any box to hide
I’m taking all the burden
Again I’m dying and I see no grave where i can bury all the grieves
If I rest there someone stand up and say
She was saying she’s not ok but nobody heard her _
Someone collect my all pieces and send back to me
I’m bleeding but it’s gonna take a lot to pass out
Someone stand close to me then and say
I’ve been waiting for you for so long


Nothing works anymore

Taking a deep breath

Calming myself

But what about this storm

Right at the door

Nothing works anymore

I did wrong but why it has to be this way

It’s getting harder _

Either this heart will burst or it will be stoned

It makes me wish for the bad

I just wanna give it a break

I can’t help it anymore