You broke Me in a way no one else did.

It was fascinating seeing you

Breaking me elegantly

And I was loving it all way here.


Tell me! What wrong I did ?

I could approach you
And ask you for all my Mistakes
I would Ask you to tell me
Was that a Sin I committed and I cared for you

Don’t torment me without making me know my Fault
Just once come to me and tell me
Hey tell me once! What wrong I did?

I promise I won’t even think of you tho it’s hard as hell
I won’t Love you but shed tears and I can’t do it
Please don’t break me without letting me know my fault
I will stop it all, Leave it all Just Once come to me
Tell me ! What wrong I did ?


A Bad Heartache

It was like someone twisted the veins of my heart and I couldn’t breath

I found myself hugging my knees, biting my lips so that pain may decrease

All the strength delivered to my fists, I was trying to relax somehow

It was dark and my efforts to stand up, someone move the curtains aside

I was stumbling, trembling , going towards the window

My dampened spirit , I wanted to see a little ray of light

As I felt the pain running through ribs to heart like an electricity

Losing the balance my back hit the window slowly leaning on the wall

I could hear the sound someone was knocking at the door

I had to collect all the courage or the room was giving a creepy aroma

I barely smiled and the words were, come down we are waiting

My body on the floor , its coldness was freezing

I closed my eyes, I wanted to rest for a little while.

i wanted to tell myself It was Alright p



I Killed Myself Countless Times

I killed myself countless times

when i write

Why are you like this : They asked me.

Fearing something that doesn’t concerns me

I killed myself so many time, why ? My mind speaks to me. Vague answers and unending mysteries. Always ready to face yet afraid to see.

Jumping from the roof to , being hit by a car

Crossing a bridge, I imagined myself drowning in it

Looking up at the Sky, Felt just cold like a dead soul

I tried to sink in the Darkness of every Night

My mind has always been messy like usual and I liked it this way. Being professional at ignoring if the thoughts are killing me, I indulge myself in more terribly beautiful world of words.

I saw myself crying 

My Badly Screaming mind 

I heard my Cries and felt warmth of tears

In my solitude I heard screeches of my heart

It was all in Silence, I was…

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